Marketing Automation Tips For B2B Marketing

5 Marketing Automation Tips For B2B Marketing That Will Work For You


For any B2B business, capturing leads and converting them into sales-ready prospects is essential for growth. Traditional marketing techniques rely on either broad, sweeping distribution or the painstaking work of identifying and categorizing an audience. This is not only inefficient, but also ineffective. By transitioning to an automated approach, you are able to better serve your customers by sending targeted content based on user behavior and interests.

But what is marketing automation, and do I need to be a computer engineer to implement it? 

Marketing automation tips for b2b is essentially a collection of tools that help to streamline and bolster your marketing campaign through the use of customer analytics, data distribution, and dedicated triggering mechanisms. That being said, marketing automation is less about some complex software solution than it is about the human element. The key to marketing is creating engaging content; marketing automation just helps your B2B marketing match that content with the most receptive audience.

The following 5 tips will help you create new automated campaigns for your B2B marketing as well as help boost the effectiveness of the ones already in action. 

Let’s Dive In

5 Marketing Automation Tips for B2B Marketing That Will Work For You

Sales Outreach

1. Sales Outreach

One of the most repetitive and time-taking tasks for any sales team is prospecting and sales outreach. Doing it all manually only makes things worse.

From sending out a series of emails to scheduling demos, aligning follow-ups, and running sales ads – there are multiple activities that need to happen simultaneously. This is where automation comes in.

You can use advanced CRMs that let you integrate email, landing pages, social platforms, cloud calling, and more to streamline this entire process. Most CRMs come with lead profiling, lead management, and pipeline management features that help in automating the prospecting and nurturing part.


2. Action-Triggered Sales Notifications & Robust Sales Tracking

Certain pages on your website will be typically visited by leads that have a high interest in your product.

These pages might include your price page, terms and conditions, or very detailed product-focused content that you have published.

Visits to these pages by your leads can be an indication that they may be ready to buy. Failing to contact them at this time could be a missed opportunity. Using email to send sales materials to leads that visit these pages can help you to identify buy-ready prospects and capitalize on those opportunities.

Referral Marketing

3. Referral Marketing & B2B Customer Retention

For many companies, referral marketing is their best source of new leads.

Nothing beats having a product recommended to you by a trusted friend:  92% of consumers trust recommendations from people that they know.

You can use marketing automation tips for b2b to many of the mundane tasks required in running a referral marketing program. You could offer discounts on future purchases to customers that refer your product to a friend and track their referrals through automation.

You can also promote your referral program through regular broadcast emails that make new customers aware of the program and the benefits that come with it.

Multi channel

4. Multi-channel Automation Campaigns

Whoever said sales is all about tracking customer behavior is right in a way. Knowing your customers is crucial to close a sales deal.

And a sales deal can happen from anywhere – Google search, social media, website, social ads, landing pages, or through word of mouth.

This means your customers can go through various digital touchpoints before finally making a purchase.

Setting up automated workflows across all the channels is essential to track, monitor, and convert leads into paying customers. This includes personalized email campaigns, retargeting ads, Google ads, webinars, social selling, and so on.

5 Start

5. Start With Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most essential business processes to automate. It’s also one of the easiest to implement, so you should think about starting here. For example, sending emails regularly to your newsletter subscribers can be time-consuming. By automating instead, you could schedule emails to go out in advance and have them sent at the specified time without touching them again.

Another great way to automate your business processes is by setting up autoresponders for new leads and customers. For example, this will let you send automated messages to people who sign up for your mailing list.

Bottom Line

Marketing automation is as much a set of tools as it is a way of approaching your overall B2B marketing campaign. These tips have focused on creating a streamlined marketing solution for B2B business that provides targeted content for individual users.

While the world of automated responses, dynamic segmentation, and form triggers may seem daunting, ultimately the most important factor for success is the human one.

Personalized, engaging content will always lead to more impactful results. Marketing automation tips for b2b just increases efficiency of your B2B marketing and makes connecting with your audience a little bit easier.

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