martech trends you need to follow in2022
Top 5 MarTech Trends You Need To Follow in 2022

Top 5 MarTech Trends You Need To Follow in 2022

You must have sent personalized emails or created beautiful UI / UX or given rewards & discounts. You might have gamified the user journey or offered a never-ending inventory. And a lot more you do that you think could help get you more sales and increase your revenue. Right?

But what happens in the end? you’re still not able to move the needle for your customer acquisition and engagement to the desired degree. Don’t you think even after doing everything, it’s getting increasingly difficult to nudge your customers these days?

And because of this, the one question that clouds every marketer is what new could be done to move the needle.

Well, this is precisely where trend reports are so inherently useful. As a marketer, you’d always want to be in the know of where you should be concentrating your efforts next or which technological innovation is making waves at any point of time or what’s the latest trend your users are latching onto. And the best way to know about them is to continuously be updated with the trends reports.

Some of the martech trends won’t be new – they’re a continuation of trends from a year or so ago; conversely, other martech trends you need to follow to make this year impactful . 

So What Are The Right MarTech Trends you need To Follow?

As per one of the researches, marketing technology represents 26% of marketing budgets. However, still, brands are utilizing just 58% of the capabilities of their marketing technology stacks.

How brands are getting engaged with their potential customers and their devices is transforming the entire customer journey. It also impacts how marketers usually think about their investments regarding martech.

So, it’s highly helpful to ensure that we are making smart investments, also getting a good return on investment, and are on the route to drive value via our digital transformations.

Overall, to make the most out of marketing technology, we all must understand the top technology trends for the present.

To help you understand the most important marketing technology developments, we’ve assembled the top 5 martech trends you need to follow for 2022 that should be implemented. 

Without wasting time, let’s dive in!

1. Increased Personalization of Customer Experience

With the predominance of chatbots, live chat, self-service, and customized products/services – customer experience couldn’t be more personalized. Therefore, sending marketing emails to customers is a passé, and an Omnichannel approach is the need of the hour for all businesses.

The primary purpose is to let customers feel more connected to your brand, and not let them think it is their money that you are after. In this context, sentiment analysis holds special significance – to help marketers increase personalization and thereby drive better customer experience.

2. Adopting Virtual Reality in Marketing Strategy

Marketers are in a never-ending race to catch more eyeballs and retain an increasing number of customers, and adopting Virtual Reality will give brands the edge over competition. Already, a considerable number of businesses have been experimenting with VR.  There are a few apps that let consumers see how an item will look in their household, before making an actual purchase – stand as a prominent example of how to use this technology to elevate customer experience.

Since VR offers an immersive 360-degree perspective, a virtual design of products can be easily a luscious offering for customers who want an interactive experience, and thereby simplifying the buyer’s journey.

3. Indispensable Role of IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data & Analytics

It has been predicted that by 2022 – 80 million devices would be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). This precisely means an almost boundless amount of consumer data for marketers to make use of – to predict customer behavior, use sentiment analysis derived from big data analytics. Thereby, customized offerings can be easily the order of the day. Moreover, the relevance of Artificial Intelligence in MarTech is intensifying, as chatbots have already begun to handle complex transactions.

4. Rising Need for MarTech Architect Roles

Now, this might come as a precursor to future happenings in the MarTech space, but the role of a marketing architect is set to rise steeply in the coming times. Thus far, the need for such a role has been slow to gain acceptance among firms. However, as an increasing number of companies are investing in creating a highly efficient MarTech stack – doing without a marketing architect will be an unmanageable task.

5. Full-cycle reporting focused on measuring ROI

Along with the martech integrations, the trend of full-cycle reporting is also up. Every marketer at present knows that there is almost nothing that can’t be measured online. To every marketer, a huge data pile is available. So, with integrated systems, the life of marketers will be easier with marketing ROI reporting.

Even more, with these integration systems, things such as revenue attribution, funnel reporting, as well as revenue reporting will easily be possible. Also, real-time dashboards can be helpful here. However, some solutions can even offer integrated reporting as well.

Final Thoughts

The marketing budget is now being dedicated to marketing technology as companies are looking for the best ways to use martech integration into their businesses. Various successful brands are now all set to align their investments for marketing technology to achieve their business goals as well as to balance the use of their external services and internal talent to stay competitive in their respective industries.

However, if you are also planning to invest more in marketing technology, then make sure to prepare your business and its resources to adopt the above-mentioned trends as soon as possible. It is because it is highly important to stay ahead of your competitors.
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