Fintech User Acquisition Success Story

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The Brand 

Our customer is a neo-age online money transfer service catering to international citizens in Europe. The company was on a mission to meet the unmet financial product needs of the migrant community in Europe and online money remittance was their first step towards this goal.


The Challenge

The fintech brand wanted to rapidly acquire new customers to augment their efforts in leveraging lean startup methodology for scaling their business and future feature builds. The company wanted their target segment to be aware of their value proposition, drive new user acquisition, and above all become an employer of choice in the Fintech industry, a hot skill area.

The fintech company wanted to build a niche market for themselves to support their long-term plan to expand its financial product offerings beyond international remittances.

To fulfill their short-term and long-term business goals, they required a rapid user acquisition at an efficient cost to stay afloat and create a sustainable growth path for business, before raising the next series of funds for future expansion.


To begin the first leg of rapid user acquisition we created a robust digital sales channel by building a network of affiliates, influencers, and resellers. Within the first 60 days of launch, Zavops acquired more than 15k new users for their service, with 60% of them completing their first transaction either on the app or website.

For the next leg of user acquisitions, we heavily relied on the existing user base to build and deploy campaigns. In addition to the existing sales networks, Zavops created both organic and inorganic modes of user acquisition through existing users. For organic campaigns, a win-win referral campaign was launched which fueled the next set of acquisitions at 30% lower costs.

Inorganic acquisition campaigns were built by carefully analyzing user data to create a host of macro and micro segments using different parameters ranging from Customer Lifetime Values (CLTV), Acquisition Costs, Promotion Effectiveness, Demographics, Channel Attribution, Average Activation Timespan, Engagement History, etc. We designed and deployed messaging and communication relevant to these segments using data to drive impactful branding and user acquisition outcomes.

Powering the performance metrics of these campaigns was a thriving conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy that was built using agile principles to foster rapid continuous testing for various elements of the campaign.



users added within the first 6 months of launch


increase in total transaction value over 18 months


active users at the end of the first year of operations


YOY reduction in blended cost of acquisition

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