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The Brand

Warjoja is a nutritious Vitamin B12 supplement developed with the purpose to help diabetics manage neuropathy and retinopathy-related ailments. The brand was launched by two pharma veterans with a collective experience of three decades in the field. Warjoja was already an established brand in Tier 1 cities, and they wanted to build a digital to consumer business model to penetrate Tier 2 and 3 cities across the country.


The Challenge

The main focus for Warjoja was to build a sustainable revenue stream through their online platform that allows them to operate pan India with minimum capital investment. Warjoja wanted to build a base of loyal customers and advocates for their brand among the diabetic community in India. The challenge was to strike a balance between building a brand as well as driving the sales through their online platform without burning a lot of cash.


Our Solution

As the need of the hour was to build a brand as well as drive revenue with tight control over spends we created an agile promotion strategy that allowed us to implement A/B testing and multivariate testing at a rapid pace through different stages of campaigns.

Phase 1, we began with pure-play acquisition campaigns for new customers, social media followers, and subscribers with a slew of data-backed promotional offers to drive performance metrics of the campaigns.

Phase 2, we leveraged content and social media audiences to increase the visibility of the brand and built organic and inorganic campaigns combined with offers to drive repeat purchases and new acquisitions through referrals.

Through these different phases of campaigns, we analyzed user behavior on multiple platforms and continuously improved the visuals using a wide variety of imagery to continuously improve outcomes. Our experiments ranged from changing visual imagery, creative copies, to using vernacular creatives for boosting outcomes.


The Results


ROI achieved within second month of launch


Quarter on quarter increase in marketing first party data


Quarter on quarter increase in social media reach and network


Quarter on quarter increase in website traffic

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