Simplify Facebook Campaigns with Meta Advantage+Audience
Simplify Facebook Campaigns with Meta Advantage+Audience

Meta Advantage + Audience: Supercharge Your Advertising Strategy And Campaign’s Effectiveness

In a competitive online world now inundated with flashy sales and advertisements, staying relevant and capturing the attention of your target audience is an ongoing challenge.

Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads) is a type of online advertising where businesses can create customized ads and target specific audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

It helps businesses reach a wide range of potential customers, increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, and, most importantly, drive action on your website like leads and sales.

With different campaign objectives, ad formats, media buying tactics, and detailed metrics, businesses can measure their ad performance and optimize their campaigns to drive more performance continually.

If you want to supercharge your advertising strategy and maximize your campaign’s effectiveness? Look no further than Advantage+Audience.

With Advantage+audience, you can take your marketing efforts to the next level whether you’re an established advertiser or a budding entrepreneur.

This article aims to break down the benefits of using Meta Advantage+Audience and how it can help scale your business.

Let’s jump right in!

What is Meta Advantage+?

Meta Advantage+ powers full meta ads automation. It automates the entire campaign creation from end to end. However, it also gives you the option to automate only the core steps such as audience targeting, budget and bidding, and ad placements. Aside from more control and flexibility when it comes to creating and managing your ad campaigns, Meta Advantage+ also gives you more insights from data analytics. These can enable you to make better decisions that drive results.

What is Advantage+ Audience?

Meta started rolling out Advantage targeting in 2021, allowing the ads algorithm to expand your chosen targeted audience in certain situations. How and when expansion works is still often misunderstood.

It makes sense why. This topic has been a moving target.

In just two years, of course, three different Advantage targeting products with expansion capabilities have rolled out (and a confusing fourth on the horizon). It doesn’t help that the names and rules for how they’re used have evolved during that time. 

Advantage Audience: When using both a custom audience and lookalike audience, an option to turn on both Advantage Custom Audience and Advantage Lookalike. This allows Meta to target beyond your selected custom audience and lookalike audience if it will lead to better performance.

Advantage+ Audience: Inputs such as age, gender, and detailed targeting to be used as suggestions but not as a hard constraint to targeting. This doesn’t really fit the definition of the other Advantage targeting expansion products.

These are quite clearly two different things. What appears to be going on is that Advantage Audience isn’t really a feature. It’s just short-hand for combining two features. Meta documentation doesn’t mention it anywhere. But Advantage+ Audience actually is a feature, and it doesn’t appear to actually be part of Advantage expansion.

Benefits of Advantage+Audience

The Advantage+ audience feature in Meta Advantage allows advertisers to enhance their performance by providing a more flexible way to reach and convert potential customers.

Instead of strictly adhering to predefined audience targeting inputs, advertisers can offer suggestions to guide ad targeting while allowing the ad system to explore additional interests and convert individuals.

For advertisers with specific requirements like age or location, Audience Controls offer the option to set such constraints at the campaign level, making it a valuable performance improvement tool for advertisers of all sizes and industries.

It is currently being tested with a select group before expanding to more advertisers in the near future.

The introduction of new features such as switching manual campaigns to Advantage+ shopping with one click, using video creative in catalog ads, and rolling out Performance Comparisons allows advertisers to leverage AI quickly, have more creative flexibility, and gain insights into the performance impact of automation.

Additionally, the Advantage+ audience feature offers advertisers a new way to reach and convert potential customers by suggesting audience inputs rather than strict constraints, with options for specific parameters available if needed.

With tools that simplify ad creation, expand creative options, and offer performance insights, advertisers can optimize their advertising strategies.

What all Advantage+ Audience Does?

1. Broad Targeting

Broad targeting can be used to build the biggest possible audience and avoid any potential issues with interest-based targeting. Demographic data such as age, gender, and location can be used to leverage this type of targeting, and users are provided with four location targeting options:

  • People recently in the location
  • People traveling in the location
  • People living in or recently in the location
  • People living in the location

If you’re looking to make location targeting more specific, certain areas can be excluded from your next campaign.

2. Enhanced Lead Generation through Audience Targeting

The Meta Advantage+Audience framework empowers businesses to unlock the potential of Facebook Custom Audiences as a means to generate more qualified leads efficiently and cost-effectively. By strategically retargeting individuals who have previously demonstrated interest in your business but have not yet converted, this approach enables you to re-engage potential customers at critical stages of the buyer’s journey.

Through personalized and tailored advertisements, you can rekindle their interest, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversion. This method proves especially impactful, as it capitalizes on the familiarity these prospects have with your brand, thereby optimizing ad spend while yielding higher-quality leads.

3. Amplified Website Traffic with Targeted Outreach

Meta Advantage+Audience leverages the capabilities of Facebook Custom Audiences to transform website traffic acquisition. By honing in on individuals who have previously engaged with your content or exhibited interest in your offerings, you can orchestrate targeted campaigns that resonate with their preferences and needs.

This targeted approach not only enhances the effectiveness of your ads but also contributes to improved click-through rates and increased website engagement.

4. Revitalizing In-Store Visits through Audience Retargeting

For businesses with a physical presence, the ability to drive in-store visits is paramount. Meta Advantage+ Audience enables you to achieve this by seamlessly integrating Facebook Custom Audiences.

By retargeting customers who have previously made purchases at your offline store or engaged with your services, you can reignite their interest and motivate them to visit your establishment once again. This strategic re-engagement enhances customer loyalty and helps establish a seamless connection between online interactions and real-world experiences.

5. Empowering Mobile App Installations via Audience Segmentation

Meta Advantage+ Audience recognizes this and offers a potent solution to amplify mobile app installations. By leveraging Facebook Custom Audiences, you can precisely target individuals who are most likely to benefit from your app, based on their previous interactions, demographics, and behaviors.

This targeted approach minimizes wastage of resources and maximizes the impact of your advertising efforts, leading to a higher uptake of your mobile app among your desired user base.

6. Detailed Targeting Expansion

This option allows Facebook to deliver your ad to individuals outside of your designated targeting if the algorithm determines that doing so will improve campaign performance.

This can be a useful tool when your audience turns out to be smaller than you had expected, or when campaigns run into ad fatigue and costs increase as you are no longer able to reach your audience efficiently.

7. Ad-Based Custom Audiences

If you have run Facebook campaigns in the past, your previous ads can be used as a data source for targeting. There are a few options within this category to explore in the Ad manager platform.

Website and App-Based Custom Audiences
If you have a Facebook tracking pixel installed on your website, you can use site visitor data to create a custom audience. For campaigns that need to be more specific, you can create an audience based on users who have visited a certain page on your website.

When You Shouldn’t Use It?

It doesn’t make much sense using Advantage+ Audience when you’re remarketing or have a very specific message.

Take abandoned carts, crosssells or upsells, for example. These ads are quite specific and would only make sense to your existing custom audience. That’s why sometimes it’s better to keep this feature off. Also, consider privacy and transparency. Most data now stays in the dark due to privacy regulations. So while Advantage+ Audience may appear to work, you may not be able to prove it.

You won’t know if the audience is expanded, or by how much, or how many results came from expansion which makes it a heck of a difficult task to track. Hence, try to limit Advantage+ Audience to prospecting.

Scope of Advantage+ Audience

The Advantage+ audience feature offers a more flexible and dynamic approach to targeting, allowing advertisers to reach a wider audience while still accommodating specific constraints when necessary.

These advancements aim to empower advertisers, save resources, and drive better results in their advertising campaigns.

But advertisers should approach these features with caution.

The effectiveness of AI-driven automation tools may vary depending on the industry, target audience, and campaign objectives.

Advertisers must regularly assess the impact of using AI on campaign performance and quickly take corrective action if necessary.

Final Thoughts

Meta’s Advantage+Audience feature into your advertising campaigns is another step by Meta (formerly Facebook) towards helping marketers build and deploy ROI driven campaigns. With the fusion of Meta’s cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of your audience, marketers are poised to take their campaigns to new heights of success.

Hence, it is crucial to prioritize transparency and accountability in AI-driven ad campaigns, guaranteeing that they align with customers’ values and expectations. If you’re still hesitant to fully trust AI to manage your advertising, we can help.

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